пытаться кого-то соблазнить.

American slang. English-Russian dictionary. 2014.

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  • move on someone — in. to attempt to pick up someone; to attempt to seduce someone. (Collegiate.) □ Don’t try to move on my date, old chum. □ Harry is trying to move on Tiffany. They deserve each another …   Dictionary of American slang and colloquial expressions

  • make a move on someone — make a move on (someone) informal to try to start a romantic or sexual relationship with someone. As soon as Ellen left the room, her boyfriend made a move on me …   New idioms dictionary

  • make a move on someone — informal phrase to try to start sexual activity with someone Thesaurus: to start a romantic or sexual relationshipsynonym Main entry: move …   Useful english dictionary

  • make a move on someone — informal to try to start sexual activity with someone …   English dictionary

  • move — move1 [ muv ] verb *** ▸ 1 change position ▸ 2 progress/develop ▸ 3 live in a different place ▸ 4 begin doing ▸ 5 change subject/time etc. ▸ 6 change opinion ▸ 7 affect someone emotionally ▸ 8 sell and get rid of ▸ 9 go very fast ▸ 10 make formal …   Usage of the words and phrases in modern English

  • move */*/*/ — I UK [muːv] / US [muv] verb Word forms move : present tense I/you/we/they move he/she/it moves present participle moving past tense moved past participle moved 1) [intransitive/transitive] to change position, or to make someone or something… …   English dictionary

  • move — [muːv] verb [intransitive, transitive] 1. informal if a product moves, or if a shop, dealer etc moves it, it sells very quickly: • These computer games are moving very fast. The kids love them. • The company isn t moving enough product. 2. to… …   Financial and business terms

  • move aside — move/step/aside phrase to move away from someone or something, or to move something or someone away from you Helen stepped aside to let him pass. The little boy was pushed roughly aside. Thesaurus: to move, or to move something away or… …   Useful english dictionary

  • Move Networks — is a provider of video streaming technology and services. Headquartered in American Fork, Utah, Move Networks also has offices in California, Michigan, and New York, with plans [ [ releases/move networks announces… …   Wikipedia

  • move — [mo͞ov] vt. moved, moving [ME moven < Anglo Fr mover < OFr movoir < L movere < IE base * mew , to push away > Sans mīvati, (he) shoves] 1. to change the place or position of; push, carry, or pull from one place or position to… …   English World dictionary

  • move it — mainly spoken phrase to hurry We’d better move it; we’re late. Thesaurus: to hurry, or to make someone hurrysynonym Main entry: move * * * move it US informal : to start moving or going quickly …   Useful english dictionary

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